“Tampsen空气,” the episodic film project that many OG东方厅学院 digital filmmaking students helped produce during Stephens Film Institute 2018, has been nominated for Best TV Pilot by the New York City Independent Film Festival.

“I was so thrilled to be selected into the festival — so you can imagine how I felt when we were nominated for Best TV Pilot,蔡斯·汤普森说, the TV show’s director/writer and associate professor of film at Stephens. He is representing the College at the festival, which runs May 5-12.  

“Tampsen空气” made its hometown debut in 哥伦比亚, Mo., at the 15th Annual Stephens Student Film Showcase on May 3.

Ayanna 史密斯 ’19 is among the Stephens students who benefited from working on the film’s crew last summer. She served as the film’s assistant producer, which involved everything from securing locations to figuring out the meals on set. She also assisted with scheduling and was a part of the class that built both film sets.

“Working with professional filmmakers, you get a glimpse of what it’s truly like to work in a professional setting, but with the safety net of knowing that if you make a mistake, 没关系,”她说. “It was truly an amazing experience for which I am very grateful.”


About the Summer Film Institute

Summer Film Institute (SFI) is a biannual one-week intensive where students work alongside fellow filmmakers and professionals to produce a short film during the latter half of the spring semester and summer.

“Active learning is who we are,”汤普森说. “Our students start making films their first semester and SFI is a way to bring all grade levels together and make a film with their teachers and professionals from the film industry. SFI brings the film set experience to them. It’s invaluable to their development as filmmakers.”

Students also learn how to run a successful online fundraising campaign for their own future film projects.

“Many students will be seeking funds for their future films after graduation through crowdfunding,”汤普森说. “It is extremely valuable for them to research patterns of successful campaigns and launch one for SFI before doing one of their own.”

史密斯, who will 研究生 later this week with a degree in digital filmmaking, said that she was grateful for the SFI experience, which taught her the proper way to act on set.

“They really showed me that there is a balance that needs to be at play,”她说. “You have to respect the director and his choices, but if you think of something that might enhance the film, you can share that idea; it just needs to be at the right time.”

史密斯 said that Stephens has taught her to be a hard worker and that you will only get out what you put in.

“Independent film is all about making the most out of what little you have, and I think I have done just that,”她说. “I also think the faculty encouraged me to fail, but then reflect and learn from those mistakes, and come back with something stronger.”



“Tampsen空气” is no stranger to national attention. In April, the TV pilot made its world premiere at the Kansas City Film Festival International, and later this month, it will be screened at the Denver Pop Culture Convention.

According to the film’s synopsis, “Tampsen空气 is just another low-flying, rogue airline. 在自定义DC-3中, Tampsen and his crew of outsiders stumble across the sky searching for Tampsen’s long lost love, 米莉. With FAA Super Agent McCargo hot on Tampsen’s trail, flying conditions continue to go from bad to worse.” Among the cast are Rob Doyen (who plays “Tampsen”), a OG东方厅学院 professor of theatre and Stephens 研究生, and Khanisha Foster (who plays “Eagle Eye”), a 2017 OG东方厅学院 M.F.A. 研究生.

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About 数字电影制作 at Stephens

OG东方厅学院提供一个 Bachelor of Fine Arts in 数字电影制作 和一个low-residency Master of Fine Arts in TV and Screenwriting. 本科 students begin working with professional film equipment their first semester on campus and have many opportunities throughout their time at Stephens to write, produce and direct their own original films. In Stephens’ low-residency two-year program, M.F.A. students come to Los Angeles twice a year for 10-day classes and workshops at the beautiful Jim Henson Studio. 车间之间, students work one-on-one online with at least four different mentors over two years.